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Care Partners Staffing is your home for building nursing careers

Care Partners Staffing was created out of a passion to encourage and empower nurses which ultimately results in better care for patients. We work hard to make our nurses the priority. We offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package and work with our nurses to offer experience and educational opportunities. We target all types of nurses, from new graduates looking to learn additional skills and gain on the job experience to retiring nurses wanting extra income without the traditional structure of a large hospital.

Statistics show that 30% of nurses leave the field within two years of graduating. By gaining employment with Care Partners Staffing, new graduates won’t be thrust into overwhelming and demanding positions that they are not prepared to fill, instead, we offer the chance to gain experience and confidence in a setting designed to nurture and develop the skills needed for those high-pressure positions. Retired nurses can be on call and work short-term positions to earn extra spending money on their own terms. Happy nurses equal happy clients and therefore happy patients.

Care Partners Staffing is committed to providing the topmost caregivers in the Twin Cities! We offer more personal choice and flexibility with the when, where, and how our nurses are going to work than a traditional nursing job. Healthcare is not the type of career where just anyone can be a good fit. Great caregivers must be called to do this job. The vision of Care Partners Staffing is to provide the highest quality of care to clients who are vulnerable and in need of extra healing help. We strive to have some of the highest hiring standards in the industry. We recognize caregiver excellence and insist on the best of the best. Our staffing process aims to focus not only on hiring and training but to engage our caregivers in developing their careers. We offer continuing education and encourage our staff to continue learning new skills and exceeding industry standards. Working with Care Partners Staffing will grow your career and secure your future.

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