Continuing Education

Here at Care Partners Staffing we are not only a staffing agency but also a resource to further your education as well. In partners with many alliance’s and foundations. Our latest CEU Credits were offered at the “Caring for a Person with a Memory Loss” event held at the Hubert H. Humphrey Conference Center of the University of Minnesota.

“Caring for a Person with a Memory Loss” had offered up to 7 CEU credits for a time of 8 hours. This event covered new knowledge of “Paying for long-term care for those with Dementia”, “Long-distance Care giving”, “Individuals living with memory differences”, and “New approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease”. All of these topics and speeches were recorded for anybody that was interested and unable to attend the event. You can find these videos on YouTube or Power point Slides and presentations at .

Care Partners Staffing is affiliated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to better our communities and our health systems. We share strong goals and vision on how we are going to better our community, child health, health systems and also in leadership skills.

For our communities, we strive to find the greatest and best fit nurse to come and support those in need. For those who are struggling to understand the process. The community is where our strongest structure is built from, right next to our children.

The children’s are the growth of the community, and with the better understanding of our community we improve the health system as needed. Over time our health systems has become more efficient and with efficiency we grow in our leadership skills. The leading examples are the people you’ve seen and been around. They understand the community they’ve been around and progressed with individuals who has needed assisting.