For Clients

Care Partners Staffing is the answer to coverage in your facility.

Care Partners Staffing is committed to providing the topmost caregivers in the Twin Cities! We offer more personal choice and flexibility with the when, where, and how our nurses are going to work than a traditional nursing job. Healthcare is not the type of career where just anyone can be a good fit. Great caregivers must be called to do this job. The vision of Care Partners Staffing is to provide the highest quality care to clients who are vulnerable and in need of extra healing help. We strive to have some of the highest hiring standards in the industry. We recognize caregiver excellence and insist on the best of the best.

As a client with Care Partners Staffing, you will enjoy access to the fruits of our labor. Our nurses are thoroughly vetted, with licensure, background checks and rated by skill and personality traits suited for nursing. When we say “The Best of The Best” we can back it up! Our nurses remain our employees, you receive bi-weekly invoices, only for the hours worked. No credentialing, no HR, no tax or workman’s compensation, we handle all of that for you.  Our nurses receive their paycheck from us, we handle the taxes, benefits and HR issues, so you can focus on your facility, not staffing issues.

Occasionally, the nurse and the client find the “perfect match”.  We have contingencies in place for those instances and encourage our staff and the clients we work with to let us know, we will be happy to make the transition seamless for everyone.

So if and when you need supplemental staffing, give us a call at 952-831-0951.  We will be happy to come to you and discuss our services. We offer the services of LPN’s, RN’s and BSN’s. Our rates are competitive, and most important, our nurses really are “The Best of The Best”!